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Lülf+   Experts for Fire Brigades and Fire Protection

We are Experts for Fire Brigades and Fire Protection.

Since more than 40 years we are consulting municipalities and authorities as well as companies regarding safety, hazards-/risks, prevention etc.
Our customers are professional, volunteer and industrial fire brigades, control centers and rescue services.

Core competencies and customers

We understand: Planning of Fire Brigades is not just pure math. Needs and appropriate equipment for a fire brigade cannot be calculated by using a simple formula. Of course, precise analyzes form the basis of every Requirements Planning. But also a high level of creativity is needed. And, last but not least, a competant moderation between the various interests in the tensions between safety, quality and profitability is essential.

Our PLUS is your benefit:

We understand and "speak" the language of Fire Brigades as well as the language of politics, authorities or managements. On the basis of our broad experience we can communicate and moderate the needs of individual stakeholders, which are often divergent. With our understanding and experience we bring theory and practice together in order to achieve consensual solutions.
Our expertise is about public / municipal Fire Brigades and Emergency Services as well as Industrial Fire Brigades and Operational Emergency Management for companies and institutions. Thanks to this broad experience, we can offer a great benefit for our customers.

Industrial Fire Brigades and Operational Emergency Management for companies and institutions

Various forms of operational emergency response have been established: From Fire Protection Assistants and scouts for supporting Public Fire Brigades up to independent Industrial Fire Brigades. With our expertise we accompany the entire process of Operational Emergency Response Planning. We investigate whether and in what form Operational Emergency Response Systems are necessary, we design and ramp-up Industrial Fire Brigades, and we can optimize the organizational structure and process organization.

Typical questions for our consulting can be:

  • Is an Industrial Fire Brigade necessary?
  • Which hazards / risks are important for the Fire Brigade?
  • Is the actual Industrial Fire Brigade fitting the requirements?
  • Is the staffing correctly? Is the technical equipment – trucks and buildings for the Fire Brigade – suitable?
  • How will the requirements develop in the future? And what is the future need for a fire Brigade (personnel, vehicles, buildings)? 
  • Is the organization optimized? Are synergies with other companies / locations or other site services possible?

In addition to the perspecitve of the authorities (on a basis of law and code) we can expand the analyzes: Are operational interests like reduced risks of business interruption or special demands on work safety for the purpose of employee welfare covered? Or are there additional requirements for the Operational Emergency Response System?

Within the scope of our projects we are not only accompanying our customers with creating the Requirements Planning documents. But we are also experienced in practical implementation of the concept and the necessary Change Management.

Whether procurement for fire trucks or third party providers, designing buildings for Fire Brigades or organizational and personnel management issues:
Our broad experience enables us to actively support the implementation of your concepts with the benefit from "best practices".

Public / Municipal Requirement Planning 

Within the scope of Requirement Planning, we analyse the performance of the Fire Brigade and develop concrete measures that result in an Requirement Plan. The Requirement Plan defines both: The basis for planning (indicators for the performance) and the necessary design of the municipal Fire Brigade to achieve the defined target.

Response Time

In the public sector - as every else - getting the best minds is one of the hardest challenges. Filling all positions with qualified personnel is unfortunately something we can't guarantee either. But what we can help you to develop a framework in which a good working atmosphere can flourish.

The entire organization of professional Fire Brigades, the performance in workshops of Fire Stations or the personnel requirements of Control Centers: We focus and analyse all these areas as part of our organizational consulting.


We successfully implemented much more than thousand projects for Volunteer Fire Brigades, Professional Fire Brigades, Industrial Fire Brigades, Control Centers and Rescue Service Organizations.

If you like - we would be happy to tell you more about us!

Don't hesitate to contact us!

via phone: +49 2162 436940

via mail: info[@]

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Your reliable partner for all questions regarding Fire Safety.